VR Events on the Web

 With the coronavirus still around, most event organizers have had to adapt fast and start using virtual platforms. In a survey from Mobile Marketer, 51% of marketing professionals believe virtual events are here to stay. And VR might be the best platform to do so. 


Virtual events with 2D format lack the willingness of participants to network with other event attendees. HTC reports that VR improves attendee willingness to socialize by 54% percent over traditional formats. Which is why some of the most popular apps in VR include social apps like VRChat and Altspace. VR delivers safe, accessible social experiences in an era of social-distancing.


Unlike 2D video formats like Zoom calls and webinars, VR increases focus by 48.6 percent. VR events achieve 25 percent greater attendee attention span on average compared to traditional videoconferencing. 


VR also has some native advantages over the real world, like the suspension of physics and the ability to travel anywhere at zero travel cost.   For example, visiting the international space station and being able to learn by experiencing it. There are many other advantages to hosting an event in VR over traditional mediums. These include the possible removal of attendance limits on keynote talks and the option to replay sessions that may have been missed.

However, there is one big disadvantage working against VR: Hardware penetration is still low. Virtual Reality got really popular during quarantine with more people wanting to escape reality and VR is giving them the perfect medium to do so. But even with the new growth, event organizers won’t develop VR events if they don’t have enough attendees with the right hardware to be able to experience the event. Which is why we have developed a solution with WebXRConferences, using the latest Mozilla’s XR Cloud technology. 


WebXRConferences works with most devices: your tablet, computer, laptop, VR headset and smartphone. It is also very easy to access.  Just click on a link and you’re in without downloading any app. Creating less friction between the attendees and the event. Our virtual rooms are fully customizable and can easily be embedded into your website.


Give it a try: https://webxrconferences.com/


At Lucid Immersions we are helping businesses and brands to innovate and connect to customers through immersive media. From the production of VR videos and VR events to creating AR filters, our team of experts is ready to create incredible experiences for your brand. We are also pioneers in WebXR technology, eliminating all friction between users and the immersive experience.

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