VR videos have become the new trend in video production. Watch it from your phone or computer in 360 or with VR Headsets in stereoscopic (3D) to add more realism to the experience. Our team is prepared with the latest gear and technology to create VR cinematic experiences for your brand.

Professional VR Camera 8K 30fps or 6K 60fps

Consultant and Planning

Videographer on Site

Stitching, Editing and VFX

LiveStream to popular social media or own site

Ambisonic Microphone and Spatial Sound creation

VR Dolly (robot car for the VR Camera)

Marketing Material for Social Media

  • CM Studios Anniversary

  • El Mundo Hoy Es Nuestro - Kata Otalvaro & Pierre (Black & White Records)

  • Lalexpo 2020

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