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Be on the forefront of a new medium with limitless possibilities.  Add dynamic interactions that have not been possible before.  WebXRConferences allows for the creation of custom virtual spaces for you to hold conferences, concerts, work spaces, classrooms, private or public and much more. The possibilities are endless, we adapt to your needs… and your budget.

Compatible Across All Devices



VR Headset


Create a virtual convention where hundreds of people can have personal interactions with everyone in attendance.



We handle the hard parts so you can focus on what matters. We will work with you to determine what will best suit your needs depending on the size and length of your event.



Our talented design team can help you create rooms that will provide your users with an engaging experience.



We work with your team to ensure that our solutions works with whatever processes you may already have in place.

Virtual Classrooms

Create customized educational spaces for students

Virtual Storefronts



Differentiate yourself from the competition and create a unique brand experience.


Connect with a much wider audience than a physical store.  Create a store that is limited only by your imagination.

Build Relationships

Invite your customers to come speak directly with one of your knowledgeable representatives.

Choose an avatar that represents you, or customize one with us. You can also choose to upload your own avatar.

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